From start to finish, the tour lasts about 13 hours. This includes lunch at the Kantishna Roadhouse and frequent stops along the way for passengers to take in the views of Denali National Park, stretch and use the restrooms. You can expect to be back at the front of the park some time between 6 and 8 pm.

We regularly pick up at the following hotels: Denali Park Village, Denali Bluffs Hotel, and McKinley Chalet Resort. If you’re not staying at one of these hotels, please contact us at (800) 230-7275 to arrange for pick-up. Visit our tour details page for more information on pick up times.

The weather in Denali National Park can change frequently. Dressing in layers that will keep you warm and dry is advised. A camera with lots of memory, sunglasses, and binoculars are also highly recommended. En-route snacks are provided. Guests are encouraged to bring bottled water for their convenience.

Summer temperatures in Interior Alaska can range widely – typically from the upper 40’s to the lower 80’s (fahrenheit). July and August often bring rain. The Alaska Range influences the weather in ways that are hard to predict, so weather forecasts are often incorrect for Denali Park. You’ll want to be ready for any type of weather. Dress in comfortable layers (and comfortable walking shoes!) Consider a light rain jacket – just in case.

The lodge is 93 miles from the park entrance and accessible only by travel along a narrow, mostly gravel road that winds its way through the park. Frequent stops are made along the way as guests enjoy the views, snap photos of wildlife or just take a break at one of the convenient rest/interpretive stops offered by the park service.

You may, but we can’t guarantee you’ll see it. Visitors to Denali National Park often refer to the ‘30% Club.’ Being a member of the 30% Club means you were of the lucky 30% of visitors to Denali National Park that was able to view Denali free of cloud cover. The elusiveness of Denali makes it all that much more special for guests who are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the fabled mountain.

Yes! We can not encourage this enough. Often elusive animals, such as Dall’s Sheep are spotted far from the bus and are best visible with binoculars. Additionally, we encourage guests to bring cameras with telephoto lenses (and keep them ready!) as there are many photo opportunities throughout the tour.

We can never guarantee animal sightings, but it’s very common to see bears, caribou, and moose along Denali Park Road. Dall sheep can often be seen in small herds on far away mountain tops. On rare occasions, our tours spot wolves; however, wolves are very aware of human behavior and they often stay away from the road. It’s very common to see birds such as ptarmagin looking for food in the tundra, and eagles and hawks can be spotted soaring above the mountain ridges. Small animals like marmots and ground squirrels are abundant in the park, so be sure to check in the shrubbery! Other rare animals you might spot include wolverines and porcupines. Keep your eyes open, and make sure to let the tour guide know if you spot something so everyone can join in on the fun.

A lunch is provided at the Kantishna Roadhouse Dining Room. On occasion, cookies and juice will be handed out during the tour. Guests are invited to pack their own snacks on the bus if they desire to do so.

Our tour includes frequent stops to allow passengers the opportunity to stretch, use the restroom and take in the views of Denali National Park. On average, our buses stop approximately every one to two hours, letting passengers off for about 10-20 minutes at a time. All planned stops have restrooms maintained by the national park pack their own snacks on the bus if they desire to do so.

No. Our buses do not offer restrooms, however our buses stop approximately every one to two hours, letting passengers off for about 10-20 minutes at a time to use rest stops.

If you’re interested in booking the bus tour in and an air taxi out, please call us at (800) 230-7275 after making your tour reservation. You can also make the choice to be flown out the day of your bus tour from Kantishna Roadhouse.

Most guests park at their hotels near the entrance of the park. Occasionally some guests drive in the morning of their tour. If that’s you, tours begin at the Bus Depot at the front of Denali National Park. There is plenty of available parking there, but be sure to arrive around 20 minutes early so you can park and walk to the Kantishna Wilderness Trails pickup spot.

Children ages 6 and above are allowed on the bus. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children 5 years of age or younger.

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The Denali Park Road is closed at Mile 43 and beyond. Due to this road closure, Kantishna Wilderness Trails is not in operation. To learn more about our fly-in backcountry lodge deep in Denali National Park and Preserve, please visit