Meet Denali Bear

Official Spokesbear for Doyon Tourism

Every great company needs a great spokesperson. We decided to do one better for our Alaska travel destinations: find a great spokesBEAR for Kantishna Roadhouse and Kantishna Wilderness Trails.

After a tireless (and treacherous) search, we’re proud to introduce to you: Denali Bear. Once you read the personal profile that he submitted to us, you’ll understand why we hired him on the spot.

Denali Bear | Official Spokesbear for Doyon TourismName: Denali Bear

Male Grizzled bear seeking sow 15-25 within 300 miles of Denali Park, Alaska, United States

Age: 16
DOB: 7/1/1995
Hometown: Teklanika

Ethnicity: Grizzly
Height: 6’0”
Body type: Seasonal

Relationship: It’s Complicated.
Have Kids: Possibly???
Want Kids: No, but it’s OK if my sow has kids.

Faith: Salmontology

Sign: Feed the Bears

Political Views: I can see Canada from my backyard.

Occupation: Spokesbear, professional stunt bear, poet, trash collector, and meteorologist.

Income: I live on subsistence.

My Motto: Eat to live… Live to eat!

About Me: Progressive sensitive new age bear. I’m a naturalist. I like long walks by the lake, berry picking, fishing, picnics, people watching, star gazing, and lazy summer days. Not gonna lie, I have a temper. I tend to be a lone bear and am pretty set in my ways. I come with some baggage and some habits I’m not real proud of. But don’t we all.

Interests: Fishing and conversation, picnics, bus tours, bird watching, star gazing, camping, exploring new areas, day trips, eco tours, sustainable living, slow foods movement, No GMO, think globally, act locally, SUSHI!!!

Sports: Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, UAF Nanooks, Boston Bruins, Memphis Grizzlies, UCLA Bruins.

Pets: @Banff_Squirrel

Favorite Things: SUSHI!, sourdough, people on a bus, the Northern Lights, the faint sound of a long stroke generator (puts me right to sleep), sows with wet noses, can I just say here I miss my mama bear, Yogi Bear cartoons.

Guilty Pleasures: CHiPs TV marathons on Nick at Nite, ground squirrel croquet, catching up with my Twitter followers, gardening, debunking bear myths, shopping my next reality TV show (Bear Meats Gryll).

Favorite Places: Polychrome, Kantishna, Teklanika, Savage River, Igloo.

Favorite Books: Alaskan Bear Tales, by Larry Kaniut , No Room for Bears by Frank DuFresne, and Into the Wild by John Krakauer. I’m always reading something new on my chiNook.

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The Denali Park Road is closed at Mile 43 and beyond. Due to this road closure, Kantishna Wilderness Trails is not in operation. To learn more about our fly-in backcountry lodge deep in Denali National Park and Preserve, please visit