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The Ptarmigan is the State Bird of Alaska. The Rock Ptarmigan is seasonally camouflaged; its feathers moult from white in winter to brown in spring

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Kantishna Gold Rush

KANTISHNA HILLS PIONEERS is an Alaska Video Production Documentary about the Gold Rush Era that occurred in interior Alaska in the early 1900’s The location

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Savage River

A Window to Mt. McKinley Savage River Campground is located at mile 13 on the Park Road. It is the smallest of the three vehicle-accessible

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Denali Park Road Videos

Videos and Photos of Locations Denali Visitors Center Savage River Polychrome Pass Reflection Pond Wonder Lake Eielson Visitors Center

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Denali Park Visitors Center

The Denali Visitor Center is the main National Park Service welcome and information center. Surrounding facilities include a restaurant, bookstore/gift shop, bag check, bus stop

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Denali Moose Rut

It is dangerous to be with in 25 yards or less of Bull Moose who are in rut. You may hear sounds of the rut.

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The Denali Park Road is closed at Mile 43 and beyond. Due to this road closure, Kantishna Wilderness Trails is not in operation. To learn more about our fly-in backcountry lodge deep in Denali National Park and Preserve, please visit

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