The moose is the largest member of the deer family and the Alaskan moose, Alces alces gigas is the largest of all moose. Forested areas,

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Hoary Marmot

The hoary marmot (hoary = gray in color) is common in Denali National Park. It weighs 10 or more pounds and may be over 24

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Dall Sheep

Members of this family have true horns (made of Keratin while antlers are made from bone) which are never shed and not branched. Horns are

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The beaver is North America’s largest rodent. Their castor glands are located near the base of the tail. They live in the wild about 10-12

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Arctic Ground Squirrel

The arctic ground squirrel is a keystone species and very important in the diet of many of the Park’s carnivores. They are about 90% of

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Alaska Wildlife Videos

Denali Wildlife Videos can be seen by clicking on the names of Wildlife. Arctic Ground Squirrel Beaver Brown Bear Caribou Dall Sheep Hoary Marmot Moose

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Alaskan Caribou

Moose and caribou are the only members of the deer family found in Denali. Caribou are circumpolar animals, well adapted to life in the Arctic.

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Alaskan Brown Bear

Brown bears and grizzly bears are considered to be the same species and a differentiated by geographical location. Brown bears are those that live near

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Due to the Denali Park Road closure at mile 43, we are unable to operate Kantishna Wilderness Trails this season.