Saiga Antelope

Herds of Saiga Antelope crossed Beringia from Asia. The last known Saiga in Canada was about 12,200 years ago. When the Ice Age ended, it

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Jefferson’s Ground Sloth

Jefferson’s Ground Sloth is one of the most unusual of North American Ice Age mammals. One of several species of sloths that lived in the

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Ice Age Horse

Equus lambei was a small horse about the size of a modern pony. It had a long, flowing, blondish mane. During the last Ice Age,

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Giant Beaver

The giant beaver is one of the largest rodents ever known. It could grow to be 2.5 metres long and weigh 218 kg. It was

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Flora of Beringia

The vegetation of Ice Age Beringia was a mosaic of different plants.  Today it is possible to learn about this vegetation by studying preserved pollen

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American Mastadon

Mastodons were large elephant-like animals. They have been extinct for about 9,000 years. Their remains have been found all over North America. They are often

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The last glacial episode between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago marks the transition between the end of the Pleistocene epoch, about 10,000 years ago and

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Kantishna Gold Rush

KANTISHNA HILLS PIONEERS is an Alaska Video Production Documentary about the Gold Rush Era that occurred in interior Alaska in the early 1900’s The location

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Due to the Denali Park Road closure at mile 43, we are unable to operate Kantishna Wilderness Trails this season.