Hoary Marmot

Hoary Marmot

The hoary marmot (hoary = gray in color) is common in Denali National Park. It weighs 10 or more pounds and may be over 24 inches in length.

Hoary marmots are social animals that live in colonies and each individual utilizes a separate burrow that has several entrances and exits. They exhibit a loud shrill sound the danger is present. Wolves, bears, foxes and eagles are all prey on hoary marmots. During the winter, they are true hibernators entering into a state of torpor and all body and metabolic functions shut down. In winter, the plug the entrances to their borrows.

Hoary marmots mate in April or May. And two to six young are born hairless and blind. They feed on grasses, flowering plants, berries, roots, mosses and lichens.

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