Savage River

A Window to Mt. McKinley

Savage River Campground is located at mile 13 on the Park Road. It is the smallest of the three vehicle-accessible campgrounds in Denali, with 33 sites available for tent or RV campers. This campground is near the end of the paved, publicly-accessible portion of the Park Road.

What To Expect in Savage

No campground in Denali has electrical or water hookups for RVs. Savage does have potable water, but no shower or laundry facilities.

Savage River Campground sites are a few hundred feet below treeline, which is fairly low in Denali – about 3,000′ above sea level for many areas. Sites are screened with brush in most cases.

An old gravel road leads through the campground towards Savage River itself, where the trees are less dense and beautiful, open views can be had. On clear days, Mt. McKinley is visible from this area, a short walk from all the sites in Savage. Only two campgrounds in Denali boast such a view – Savage River and Wonder Lake.

Small animals, such as red squirrels and snowshoe hare, are commonly seen in Savage. On occasion, a variety of birds will nest in the immediate area – great horned owls, merlins and ravens being some examples from recent years. Bear sightings are rare in Savage, but a few pass through the campground every summer.

There is a maximum of eight people and one vehicle / RV per site.

Information from: National Park Service

Video by Ben Boyd

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Due to the Denali Park Road closure at mile 43, we are unable to operate Kantishna Wilderness Trails this season.